Nancy Pelosi’s Crocodile Tears.

Nancy Pelosi needs to fire the person who does her facial expressions. That’s the only excuse for her having cried when an ally came to inform her that a nuclear threat is looming imminent and it’s your own party leader’s fault.

The only way that Netanyahu could have surprised anyone with his speech last week was if he had announced that Israeli warplanes were on the way to Teheran at the end. If you had been paying attention to the media frenzy surrounding the speech than you would have noticed that Netanyahu didn’t articulate anything new about Israeli policy in regards to Iran. The aftermath was similarly predictable. Those who were for his speech and support Netanyuahu, or at least support Israel in general terms, thought it was a good speech and those who didn’t thought it wasn’t. I for one was hoping we could all go back to our regularly scheduled lives… And then Nancy Pelosi opened her dumb mouth.

….And then Lindsey Graham opened his dumb mouth. Lindsey Graham made a joke about Pelosi’s tears and plastic surgery and he was jumped on for it and subsequently retracted the joke. You know what? Lighten the hell up; First of all anything that Lindsey Graham says is funny because of his ridiculous “gone with the wind” accent. Second for all the democrats jokes about John Boehner you should know how to take a joke rather than acting like they are in kindergarten.

But back on topic: following the speech Nancy Pelosi released a public statement in which she said: “I was near tears throughout the Prime Minister’s speech – saddened by the insult to the intelligence of the United States”. Insult the Intelligence of the United States? Please, this from the a  women representing a state that doesn’t vaccinate their kids because a playboy playmate said the internet told her it was bad. California is already a cesspool of distorted values; look no farther than California Public Universities, UC Irvine just banned the display of the American Flag in public spaces. Netanyahu’s speech was nothing if not informative (which is already insulting American intelligence) on, not only on Israel’s picture of the Middle East, but also on the politics and forces that are shaping it; his Game of Thrones reference was spot on. Normally Pelosi’s tears would be newsworthy in and of themselves if for no other reason than because she’s had so much botox and plastic surgery that she usually can’t any facial expressions beyond “Dead on the inside”. But I find her selective water works very disturbing. 

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad shakes hands with U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi in Damascus Here she is all smiles with Bashar Al Assad in 2007 on a visit to Damascus; and lets not pretend that because he only started killing his own people en mass in 2011 this is somehow OK. This isn’t Kobe Bryant before the sexual assault allegations this is a bad guy all around. Since he came to power Assad has been a brutal and un-elected dictator that Pelosi ,as a representative of the most Liberal state in the Union had no business shaking hands or smiling with. This was all on a visit that was intended to stick a thumb in the eye of the President who, at the time, was trying to isolate Assad’s Syria for silly things like harboring terrorists, funneling Jihadis into Iraq and building a Nuclear reactor with North Korean technology (that was dealt with only by Israeli Airstrike).

Not a tear has been shed (or squeezed out of her paralyzed overstretched tear ducts) over the deaths of over 200,000 Syrians at the hands of Assad or the displacement of over a third of the Syrian population; This is the Assad that used chemical weapons in 2011; It was apparently not an insult to the American people  when the president shamelessly backed down on red lines that he had set and then allowed himself to be outmaneuvered by the Russians into a deal that destroyed Assad’s chemical weapons but left him to continue to drop barrel bombs on his own civilians (which is claimed as a foreign policy victory by the way).

The dire situation for minorities in Iraq and Syria hasn’t brought her to tears, nor the countless other atrocities going on in the world and now the news is reporting that the Supreme Leader of Iran, Ayatollah Khomeini was hospitalized in critical condition; I can only hope that Pelosi saves her tears for someone other than one who regularly calls for the destruction of the state of Israel and the death of the Jews.


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